Welcome to Facilitation and Consultancy Training Services (FACTS LIMITED), home of world class and culturally relevant Human Resource Management (HRM), Human Resource Development (HRD) and Organisation Development (OD) solutions. These are key areas of management which focus on the Human Resource and the leadership and management of change in companies and organisations.

We are driven by the acknowledgement that Technology, particularly Information and Communication Technology (ICT), provides powerful tools for enabling effectiveness, efficiency and affectiveness at the workplace. At the same time, we are also cognisant of the fact that it is the people interacting with the technology that make the difference. In short, technology makes things possible and our people make things happen.


Our Vision


FACTS LIMITED is the first choice

Human Resource Management,
Human Resource Development, and Organisation Development



Our Mission


We exist to provide world-class and culturally relevant
Human Resource and Organisation Development solutions 


  • Human Resource Training & Organisation Development Consultant
  • MSc., Johns Hopkins University, USA. (Applied Behavioural Science)
  • MBA., University of Miami, USA. (Business Management & Organisations)
  • BSc., New York Institute of Technology, USA. (Business Administration)
  • Over 31 years experience in the Bauxite/Alumina Industry in Jamaica
    Founder and Managing Director of Facilitation And Consultancy Training Services
  • Former Programme Director: Alcan Caribbean Management Series of Seminars


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